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Summer Sale Price List

2013 Spring collection quantity price
Catch Your Breath
3F $125
Different Dimension 3F $125
For Lois 3F $115
Forever Fascinated 3F $125
I Can't Stop 3F $150
Ima Masterpiece 3F  $125
Just A Wish 3F $115
Light Me Up 3F $85
Miss Me 3F $85
Moons Reflection 3F  $85
Pink Freeze 3F $85
Ribbon of Darkness 3F $115
Sheika 3F  $115
So Irresistible 3F  Sold Out
2012 Fall collection quantity price
All Hooked Up 3F $80
Art In  Motion 3F $90
Burning For You 3F  $90
Chasing Clouds 3F  $80 
Cloak of Darkness 3F  $80
Fire Within  3F  $80
Free the Night 3F  $80
Intent to Bite 3F 


Louder Than Thunder 3F


Shining Spark 3F


Sun Scream 3F


2012 Spring collection quantity price
Can’t Touch This
3F Sold Out
Ima Bigtimer  3F $140
Breaking Barriers 5F $75
Bright In The Night 3F Sold Out
Count Your Assets 5F $75
Follow Your Fancy 3F  Sold Out
Heartbreaker Alex 3F Sold Out
Janet and Bill 5F $100
Love Struck 3F Sold Out
Luminescence 3F  Sold Out
Red Hot Shockalot 3F Sold Out
Smooth Talker 5F $75
Rock My World 5F  $125 
When Stars Align 5F  $75
2011 Fall collection quantity price
Blaze On 3F Sold Out
Belightful 3F Sold Out
Bulletproof 3F  Sold Out 
Carla Ruth 3F  Sold Out 
Dust and Gravity 3F  Sold Out 
Satellite Dreams 3F  Sold Out
Shimmer Down 3F  Sold Out 
 Sizzlin' Diva 3F  Sold Out 



2011 Spring collection quantity price
Beauty Marked
3F Sold Out
Dreaming Out Loud
5F $75
Eenie Meenie Jellybeany 2F Sold Out 
Fire In My Soul
3F Sold Out
Jump Up and Kiss Me
3F Sold Out
Nicole's Melts My Heart
3F Sold Out
Nicole's Elephant Ear
3F Sold Out
White Wizard
3F Sold Out
Powersurge 3F Sold Out
Unforgettable Glow
2F Sold Out
Vision of the Night
3F Sold out
2010 Fall collection quantity price
Cisco Kid
3F Sold Out
Nicole's Starchaser
3F Sold Out
Painted Expressions
3F Sold Out
Red Hot and Boom
3F Sold Out
Aunties Lipstick Kisses
2F Sold Out
For Aunt Marian
3F Sold Out
Nicoles's Hearthrob 3F Sold out
Strobelight Seduction
3F Sold Out
2010 Spring collection quantity price
3F Sold Out
The One and Only
3F Sold Out
Nicole's Plum Crazy
3F Sold Out
Living Large
3F Sold Out
I'm No Angel
3F Sold Out
Great Balls of Fire
3F Sold Out
Nicole's Esperenza
3F Sold Out
Call Me Blue 3F Sold Out
Time Moves On 3F Sold Out
Nicole's Flame On 3F Sold Out
Nicole's Super Sonic 3F Sold Out
Nicole's Heat Seeker 3F Sold Out
Chasing Venus 3F Sold Out
2009 Fall collection quantity price
Black Tie Affair
3F Sold Out
Nicole's Drama Queen 3F Sold Out
Red Velvet Elvis 3F Sold Out
Phantom Returns 3F Sold Out
Ruby Fire 3F Sold Out
Nicole's After Glow 3F Sold Out
Dayglow 3F Sold Out
Rough Around the Edges 3F Sold Out
Under Your Spell 3F Sold Out
2009 Spring collection quantity price
Southern Dazzle 3F Sold Out
Gemini Dreams 4F Sold Out
Susan Elinor 4F Sold Out
Freedom Reigns 4F Sold Out
Dovealicious 4F Sold Out
Glamoureyez 4F Sold Out
Barbara Morello 4F Sold Out
Nicole's Tigers Eye 4F Sold Out
Sheza Heartbreaker 4F Sold Out
Twice the Bite 4F Sold Out
Call Me Carla 4F Sold Out
Apopka Pink Pearl 4F Sold Out
Golden Child 4F Sold Out
Nicole's American Beauty 6F Sold Out
Seize the Light 4F Sold Out
2008 Spring collection quantity price
Force To Be Reckoned With 2F Sold Out
That Thing You Do 4F Sold Out
Dreamcicle Supreme 4F Sold Out
Sophisticated Ruffles 4F Sold Out
Set Me Free 4F Sold Out
Halloween Kisses 3F Sold Out
Ivan Attitude 2F Sold out